Ukraine Hit With Cyberattack as Fear of Russian Invasion Looms

The Ukrainian Armed Forces looks for a spyglass on the front line with Russian-led separatists near Avdiivka, in southeastern Ukraine, on January 9, 2022.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces looks for a spyglass on the front line with Russian-led separatists near Avdiivka, in southeastern Ukraine, on January 9, 2022.
Picture: Anatolii Stepanova / AFP (Getty Images)

Ukrainian government websites were hit by a cyberattack early Friday, when some areas were hacked to report users what had been disrupted. The attack comes as Russia continues to build military bases along its borders with Ukraine and talks between Russian and US leaders over the occupation of the former Soviet Union. did not go anywhere.

At least 15 pages of Ukrainian government officials have been affected, according to a cybersecurity reporter Kim Zetter, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Department of Emergency Services, the Treasury, and the Office of Environmental Protection.

The websites of Ukrainian embassies in the US, Canada, and Australia, among others, re-entered the internet and continued to be inaccessible since 4:30 am ET. Ukrainian websites still exist, allegedly displaying threatening messages in Russian, Ukrainian and Polish, according to the pictures posted. social networking sites.

“Ukrainian! All your information has been uploaded to the public network. Reuters. Another message was, “Fear and expect evil.”

A spokesman for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry confirmed the cyber attackattack on Twitter, explanation that, “Our experts have already begun to reinvent the IT infrastructure, and cyberpolice has opened an investigation.”

Ukrainian security forces have denied that any personal information was compromised, according to a AFP, and so far it seems that the attack is a matter of hacking and refusing to share the work, or DDoS attacks, while the websites are full of traffic from the attackers that they are no longer carrying.

It did not say that it was a result of government or any other person, even the Russian offenders were the ones most likely to be considered. The Russian government has already denied any involvement in any threats to the Ukrainian media. Russian leaders also denied any involvement in the 2016 Democratic Party rhetoric, which led to the election of former President Donald Trump, something Moscow was behind.

Russia has launched a major military coup on its border with Ukraine, which worries the US, allied with the former Soviet Union, New York Times notes:

Russia wants NATO to reduce its presence near Russia’s eastern European border, including suspending its military alliance with Ukraine and providing legitimate guarantees that the country will not enter into an alliance. Mr Ryabkov said talks with the United States were ongoing but also warned that Putin was receiving decisions from the military on what to do “if things get worse.”

The decision, experts and Western officials believe, should include a new Russian military operation against Ukraine. Participating in this week’s talks for the first time on Thursday, Ukraine said it had identified 106,000 Russian troops and 1,500 tanks near its borders, and criticized Moscow for pointing “guns at our common security in Europe.”

Why has negotiations been disrupted between the US and Russia in a possible uprising in Ukraine? Some analysts believe that Russia has been testing American borders and that President Vladimir Putin believes Biden is not interested in taking part in the ongoing civil war – something that looks good to anyone who is paying attention.

From War on the Rocks:

Moscow seems to believe Biden’s management is ready to do better at the moment. First, because there is an increasing need for domestic domination in the United States for a banned foreign policy that has supporters of all political parties. The main reliance on negotiations was reaffirmed by the Biden team during the campaign as one of its signatures. Second, and most importantly, Moscow is skeptical that Biden will compete for a second term and that is why he is considering his political involvement here. “Reconstruction” and making America one of the most important exhibitions of the century and China are the two main goals. A tense, long-running conflict with Russia that could also tie the American arms to other areas could destabilize the economy and prevent it from achieving both goals.

But Biden’s refusal to send uniformed American soldiers to fight in the war does not mean that the US will not take part in any conflict in the region. Instead, the CIA is said to be training Ukrainian troops on time unknown accessoryy in the southern US, which the council rejects.

Whatever the case, it is clear that we are living in the Cold War, which sadly has many similar parallels, which lasted from 1945 until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

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