U.S. Insurers Wasted Millions on Ivermectin for Covid-19, Study Finds

A cover story called US Insurance Spends Millions on Ivermectin Covid-19, Finds

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Researchers are analyzing andData insurers compare that US insurers say so paid tens of a millions of dollars of ivermectin as a treatment for covid-19, although there is little evidence that ivermectin does anything to cure or prevent viral infections. In one week in August 2021, private and Medicare insurance plans paid about $ 2.5 million for covid ivermectin-related medication, according to a new study., printed Thursday in JAMA.

Ivermectin is a low-cost and effective antiparasite that has been widely used for nearly 40 years. At the beginning of the epidemic, it was one of the only drugs available to receive a second form as a covid-19 virus, based on lab results. In the last two years, however, the covid-related research component on ivermectin has been riddled with negative information and claims. common hypocrisy. There are also important ongoing studies of ivermectin covid-19, but the largest and most severe tests to date have not found any benefit in the treatment or prevention of covid-19.

The lack of conclusive evidence did not preclude ivermectin from being considered as a covid therapy chosen by some individuals and physicians. These volunteers love to be politics on the right she is loved unsupported claims about the dangers of vaccination. They are also, strangely enough, often overlooking the epidemic, ignoring its pain even though they store drugs like ivermectin to make it look safe.

It is clear that the use of ivermectin has increased during the epidemic, even in the US, where there are no health officials approved or approved and covid-19. (India, for example, made ivermectin available for treatment, even local health officials since then he stands admission, citing lack of evidence.) But researchers at the University of Michigan Medical School and Boston University say little is known about the amount of extra money and spending.

To address this, the team reviewed medical claims from de-identified a reserve of more than 6 million clients in private insurance or Medicare Advantage plans. They focused on what was said in the week of August 13, 2021, the most recent week when publications were made available. He then used this to compare how many people across the country on this concept labeled ivermectin for covid-19.

Based on the findings, it is estimated that approximately 85,000 covid-ivermectin-related drugs were given to Americans in the psychiatric and Medicare Advantage classes that week – in addition to the approximately 3,600 parasitic cases reported each week. Ivermectin has always been natural, and out-of-pocket fees have been low, ranging from $ 22.48 on average for insured patients to $ 13.78 for Medicare Advantage patients. But the total amount spent was still significant: $ 2,493,716 included.

“Our findings suggest that insurers have invested heavily in covid-19 ivermectin therapy, although the financial opinion states that insurers should not return ineffective care,” the authors wrote in their paper.

With the increase for a full year, the cost of covid-related ivermectin would reach $ 129.7 million in 2021, the authors noted, though not immediately clear. whether the descriptive processes would be the same throughout the year. But it is possible that the study reduced the cost of living, because they could not look at Medicaid funding. Other countries also began search Doctors prescribed ivermectin last year, and this may have led patients to look elsewhere for the drug, especially in grocery stores. Assuming that the annual estimates are accurate, it could interfere with other well-known ways to spend money on medicine, the authors say, such as drug use. unnecessary download back pain.

Considering the amount of money spent on the purchase of covid-19 drugs that may not work, the authors feel that insurers should look into restrictions on their use, such as enacting a permissive law in the past. This may stipulate that any medication is insured and must be approved by them first.

“Even these restrictions can prevent the use of ivermectin without the use of itcovid-19 indicators, a gradual reduction in the number of abnormalities that indicate that abnormalities occur, “he wrote. of ivermectin may be minimal. “

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