This is a shiatsu hand massager for gamers

Most of us know one person who plays a game for many hours, perhaps tired of their hands. To help comfort their tired mitts, the Japanese company Bauhutte has made a handkerchief for the players.

The MSG-01H-BK manual massage, which works on every hand, has a 15-layer airbag on each finger and a plate of shiatsu palms. There are two main methods: the Shiatsu shape of the whole hand, and one that focuses on stretching the fingers.


There are very few preferences, as well as a hand heater that is said to help spread. You should slide your hands sideways to massage your finger. The hand washing machine automatically shuts off after 10 minutes. Bauhutte recommends using the device before the game to warm your hands, breathe, and cool down.

While some may criticize hand massage for players, it is not a very stupid idea. Most of the sports competitors use hand heater between circulating moisture moisture, keeping their fingers toasty and changing circulation. Other esports agencies use a masseuse for players to be at a higher level.

Some companies have made massagers by hand, although it is understandable that Bauhutte is advertising its brand to players. It attracted interest last year for that reason sports bed, and the company sells a number of chairs and accessories with mind-blowing players, such as a foot massager.

Bauhutte hand washing machines are available in Japan at the moment and cost about $ 150. Monga Kotaku notes, the company has an English page, so it can offer this device elsewhere.

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