The Courtship of Princess Leia Author Dave Wolverton Dead at 64

Han Solo, Prince Isolder, Princess Leia, and other Stormtroopers, on the cover of The Courtship of Princess Leia.

The original cover of Princess Leia’s boyfriend, by well-known artist Drew Struzan.
Picture: Drew Struzan / Del Rey

John David Wolverton, the writer behind Authorities fantasy saga, Ravenspell, and many more — as well as another very popular author Star Wars expanded universe circular-death issues at the age of 64.

Wolverton’s death was announced on social media Last Friday with her son. Author, who retained his name for his scientific work, he also wrote a list of fiction and series under the name of David Farland, and he wrote several times to Star Wars saga after its series mentioned above Authorities, Catching Snakes, and so on. Also short stories are included in popular anthologies as News From Jabba House and Bounty Hunters Stories, Wolverton wrote notes in Star Wars missions and Star Wars Part 1 Fun game / book list. But he will be remembered forever for only his older readers who joined the Expanded Universe: Princess Leia’s boyfriend.

First published in 1994 — and essentially Wolverton’s work Star Wars saga-Dating told what was, at the time, the definitive answer to the question that fans had since the end of The return of the Jedi: How Leia Organa and Han Solo became husband and wife, as shown earlier in the EU vision Star Wars‘in the future? The answer … he admitted strongly convoluted. Dating perhaps he is equally loved and ridiculed for his labyrinthine a plot to eventually marry Han and Leia, plus Han to have a brief planet, a very stupid prince named Isolder from very the powerful planets Hapes, and C-3PO sing a song about Han’s love (“Han Solo, What a man! Solo. It is every girl’s dream! “). Nostalgically, maybe one of the best examples of the Expanded Universe at its highest and lowest level, a little more stupid, less loving, and in a way even all of that, one of the most powerful pieces of Star Wars fiction around.

Dating he did more than show us the way Organa-Solo matrimonial mayhem, brought ideas to the EU that are so entrenched that they have survived to this day. Star Wars canon today. The Hapes group became an important group in the former EU as part of the development of the New Republic after The return of the Jedi, and introduced key figures such as the Imperial Warlord Zsinj and the daughter of Isolder Tenel Ka Djo, who grew up to be a prominent member of the New Jedi Order. But perhaps the most permanent is the world that Han occupied: Dathomir. National nature – home, as it were Dating, a group of superstitious people known as Nightsthese– promoted to primary Star Wars continuing through his words a The Clone Wars animation, which also remained a part of Star Wars Canon on Disney discovery for Lucasfilm.

The ideas that Wolverton developed for the Dathomir Witches, from their evil lens to the Power of Power and its dark side, to even the idea of ​​them as war-ridden Rancors, helped to create and attract the Dathomir we can see. Clone Wars and beyond, as it became essential to the affairs of people like Asajj Ventress and returned Darth Maul. It is a legacy that continues to this day, with Witches mentioned in the most recent episode of Book of Boba Fett, which shows the potential of the former Bounty Hunter to entertain the idea of ​​learning to ride Rancor alone.

Wolverton’s career could be historically and continuous Star Wars fictional stories, but they went on and on The pull, however, is undeniable. Our thoughts are with his family in this time of crisis.

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