Telegram adds iMessage-style reactions and hidden text for spoilers

squeezes one last time a major change 2021 still. Some of the new features are hidden labels for masks spoilers. Therefore, if you can not wait to hear what is happening before each chat, you can select each section of your text and use the Spoiler interface. This hides chat posts, notifications and discussion lists. When your friends are ready to read what you think [redacted] to display, they can click on destructive words to read.

Updates and iMessage systems. You can double-click each message to send the action thumbs-up. One tap (or tap and tap on iOS) gives you the option to select other emoji, such as ringing, fire, flashy face or thumb. You can change the default emoji based on Chat settings on Android, and under the Stickers and Emoji section in iOS preferences.

In private conversations, responses are always turned on. Channel moderators and groups may choose to turn on the lights and options for other members.

Elsewhere, Telegram now has a helpful translation system. Through the Languages ​​section in Settings, you can enable translation, which adds the Translate button to the context menu. You can have four languages ​​that you can understand and the Translate button is not available for the messages you receive in those languages. Translation is available on all Android devices, but iPhone and iPad users will need to use iOS 15 or later. The number of languages ​​that Telegraph supports depends on your operating system.

In addition, users can generate QR codes for anyone with a username, as well as bots, groups and channels. You can click on the QR code icon next to their username and select the colors and shapes before sharing elsewhere. You can find your QR code on the Tuner.

The Telegraph team also redesigned the macOS menus with the latest shortcuts and animations. The app will display all the images in one chat at a time when you send some emoji.

Earlier this year, the Telegraph added more, including a touchdown others on social media by taking photos and keeping shared publications, as well with unlimited viewers. There have been challenges against the Telegraph this year, however, with reports of a sharp rise in the level of cybercrime taking place on the telecommunications program.

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