Rare Ice Disk Forms in Westbrook, Maine

Disk, image January 13.

Disk, image January 13.
Picture: Robert F. Bukaty (AP)

A ice disk that first appeared in Maine in 2019, slowly and dangerously circling the Presumpscot River in downtown Westbrook, he is back. Personally, I welcome the return of our cold master and urge all my fellow citizens to enjoy his dark return. Ice discs are back!

Science says disk is missing but completely natural phenomena that have been observed since the late 1890s. Floating ice, very well-rounded, was visible not only in Westbrook, but on several rivers and streams (but not in lakes or ponds) where mercury enters.

There are several theories about how these squares of floating plants are made. Other courses give ideas changes in the temperature of the glacier can help to create a cover in the water, which rotates on the surface of the ice. Some scientists believe that ice can stick in a around the top of the eddies in curved rivers, and catching ice in its filthy pirouette. The coast helps the sand to lower the ice as it rotates, which in turn helps the disks to form. Interesting “myths”, of course. Science, however, has not been confirmed to these disks no gates to Hell. As a result, I dedicate my body to the work of science. I will climb the ice disk directly to each level that leads.

Although ice can be found wandering in the wild in a few places, the Westbrook ice disk has a special place on dark leaves. ice disk history due to its large size. The one made at Presumpscot in 2019 is expected to be about 300 meters (91 meters) across, much larger than other disks seen. “It could be the largest in the world, if anyone follows,” said Kenneth Libbrecht, professor of physics at the California Institute of Technology, told the New York Times. (Stupid people! We must learn to obey all the icebergs that come our way.)

As is the case with deep and terrifying deep knowledge, people have found it super enjoyed it when it started to make. The Iceb of 2019 has become a major headline in the global shopping mall. Visitors flocked to Westbrook to watch the disk spin, promoting local economies in the winter which is usually slow. The city of Westbrook included a sweeping, caravan suitable for Oscar disk. They build used as a raft. Someone tried (and failed) to draw a large sign of peace in disk. Local restaurants made special disks (which included, according to the Portland Press Herald, “Ice Disk Pizza with Alfredo sauce,” a cake with a cookie disk on top, “Ice Disk cosmos,” and margaritas with “disks” floating “of lime.”). The disc found its own Twitter account.

After the disc was seized and he stopped spinning, a brave cyclist forced himself to use ice open a free disk and resume slow, dangerous movements. These dedicated disk actions were not enough, though; just a few days after it became world-famous, the disc was frozen instead with round ice, abandoning his painful wanderings. Obviously disk requires more.

The disc was slightly modified in 2020, but failed to capture all the glory of 2019. Now, however, the disk is back, making a new body slowly pass through our dead coil. And it is our responsibility to treat them with dignity and respect. Considering all that the world has gone through since the discs appeared, this is a lot. Although scientists may try to explain this, I have an alternative: I will take one for everyone and dedicate it to the disc as a tax. If this means you will float to the depths of Hell, so be it. Look at the disk!

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