10 Things People Obsessed With Their Birthday Can Relate To!!

featured image  10 Things People Obsessed With Their Birthday Can Relate To!!

Our birthday is just one day in the whole year where we get the most amount of “bhaav” from everyone possible. On this day you realize that out of 7 billion people in the country, a billion of them know us and out of the billion, we know only a handful! But who cares as long as they are wishing us, even if they have been reminded by Mark Zuckerberg through his Facebook pop-up’s, or it’s our own Instagram Thank-You stories. In the end what matters is the love people shower on us!

So, here are a few points that would expose the reality of those obsessed with their birthdays. Be ready for too many facepalm moments! XD

1. Giving yourself a countdown right after the birthday is over!

As the clock strikes 12 in the night and the next day begins, you get sad, for time flew by and your best day got over! But you smile a little and give yourself a countdown saying, “365 days left for my next birthday!!! Yayy!!” And your mother listening to this from the other corner of the house taunts you by saying, “It would have been good if you’d shown this optimism while preparing for your exams! At least you would have completed the syllabus instead of saying, kya hi hoga 5 hours mein, so jaate hai ab.” You roll your eyes but it’s fine because you’re still very excited for your birthday which is ONLY 365 DAYS AWAY!


365  10 Things People Obsessed With Their Birthday Can Relate To!!


2. You suddenly go from being broke to being a BILLIONAIRE!

Most of us complain of being broke all though the year, but when its time for birthday shopping, we go to the cash counter and say, “I’d like my bill through the card, please.” We hand over the card to the cashier like shopping in lakhs is a daily thing for us!

The cashier quite pleased, puts all our items in one bag, but you insist to put them in different bags. So, when you’re finally going outside the high-end fashion house, you put on your sunglasses and you show off the bags you got!

Lucky are you, if you do not coincidentally find your best friend outside, who knows the secret behind all this sudden richness you got!


shopping  10 Things People Obsessed With Their Birthday Can Relate To!!


3. You become the most renowned spy!

And when you know its your birthday month and there are definitely some whispers going on among your friends and family, you start to take note of every move they make. You climb window sills, peep from the table top and even hide behind the wall to silently hear your mother talk to your friends about the “Great Surprise.” Your plan is to know it all and then act all surprised when the day comes! But if you’re caught prying, no one can stop you from getting beaten up by your friends and your family members.

spy  10 Things People Obsessed With Their Birthday Can Relate To!!


4. You suddenly start liking all your relatives!

And when it’s your birthday, you start to shower love on your relatives like you’ve never held any grudges against them. Most of us make categories among our relatives too. They are often termed as “Good relatives” and “Bad relatives.” This is usually decided on the basis of the type of gifts they give us. The good relatives give us gifts of great value whereas the bad ones tell us, “Ye lo beta paise, Ice cream party kar lena dosto ke saath!”

We give them that broad smile like they’ve just given us the best gift ever but when we turn around, our sibling sees the “Special occasion eye roll.”


EYES  10 Things People Obsessed With Their Birthday Can Relate To!!


5. The Invitation List.

Birthday parties when we were young were mainly organised by our parents, inviting everyone possible in the city, even those who just remotely know you. In the excitement of our birthday, we often make a huge list of all those people who are going to be a part of it. But the very next day,  if you meet them and you realize how annoying they are, you cut them off from the list. Also, there is an unsaid rule, “Usne nahi bulaya tha mujhe, mai kyu bulau?” And no matter how old you get, this rule always remains constant. So when you look at your list for the final time, you are not very surprised to find only 10 of your closest people, where in the first place you wrote names of 100 people.

guest list 1  10 Things People Obsessed With Their Birthday Can Relate To!!

6. Your BEST Birthday Cake.

And this is the most tough decision you make isn’t it? You try too choose the best design for your cake and you never want to settle for anything less. Also, if your worst enemy is invited for the party, then you would try all your way to have a cake better than theirs! If their cake had 3 tiers, yours is bound to have 5 even if its reaching your stomach in crumbles and you finally sit on the toilet pot due to overload. But who cares? The relief of having a better cake itself is a matter of “Sukoon.”


CAKE  10 Things People Obsessed With Their Birthday Can Relate To!!


7. You tell people that it’s a month affair, not just a day’s. 

You don’t like people only celebrating that one day when you were born. You like it when everyone begins the countdown from a month before. And sometimes, if your spying skills have failed and you do not get any particular information about your countdown, you text your friends saying, “Guys, You know, I am very excited for tomorrow!” This is the most subtle way to know if they remember your countdown or not, for if they say, “What’s tomorrow?” you know you’re doomed!



30 days  10 Things People Obsessed With Their Birthday Can Relate To!!


8. You wait for midnight wishes!

Waiting to get as many calls as possible at 12 a.m. has been really exciting for you no matter how old you become! You get super enthusiastic when your best friends call you at night. Because you know that if no one else wishes you at 12 am in the night, they are definitely going to do that for you! Also, there happens to be a what-to-say-after-thank-you issue. It goes like..

Them: Heyyy! Happy Birthday!

You: Thank you so much!


Them: Um..

You: Okay, I’m getting a call, can I please talk to you later? (It’s a lie!)

And if there’s a knock on the door at that time, you’re super lucky and you feel that you’ve got the best for THAT ONE DAY!


12 am  10 Things People Obsessed With Their Birthday Can Relate To!!


9. You are very excited to open your gifts! 

When you have an obsession with your birthday, no matter where you are or what time of the day it is, you will definitely open all your gifts before you go to bed. But firstly, you sit on the floor, arrange your gifts and take a wide smiling picture! You go to your room, start with the one your closest friend has given, rip apart the wrapping paper like it’s your opponent army showing you got so much aggression inside of you. Withing minutes, all the remains of the wrapping paper, lie on the floor, dead. Your room is a war zone now when after the wonderful day you have to fight your mom for not listening to her when she said, “Aaram se kholna wrapping paper, kisi aur ka gift wrap karne mein kaam ayga!” 


gifts  10 Things People Obsessed With Their Birthday Can Relate To!!


10. You have after birthday plans too!

Lastly, Your after party begins! You use all your creative ideas and add the extra fun elements in the plan after your birthday too! For others, your birthday is over, but not everyone knows about the After Birthday Plans and the additional fun you want to have for ONE EXTRA DAY!


AFTER PARTY  10 Things People Obsessed With Their Birthday Can Relate To!!


So, for everyone who is obsessed with their birthday and wish for it to come every single day of the year, this one’s for you! Your secrets are out but that doesn’t mean you cannot find new ideas and get your way through it.

Happy Birthday, if it’s your’s today! XD

What do you think?

Written by Sakshi Adhia


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