Microsoft opens a third-party review into its harassment and discrimination policies

Microsoft has hired a third-party law firm to review its laws on sexual harassment and discrimination, On the beach they say. As part of this, the final report summarizes the results of the sexual harassment investigation against the company’s top management and management, including former Bill Gates chief executive.

The report “will make the public report more comprehensive about the company’s harassment and discrimination, education, and other issues,” Microsoft said. Press release. It will also review “steps taken to employ employees, including supervisors, who are responsible for sexual orientation or gender equality,” and include the number of sexual offenses that have been investigated and resolved.

[The report] will enable the public to publish a report on the company’s performance in dealing with harassment and discrimination, education, and policies related to corporate discrimination. This includes reviewing staff concerns raised in 2019 in the “In Need of Assistance” email thread, ways in which the company has responded to these concerns, and other issues that could enhance security. This review also includes a review of policies, procedures, and commitments to create a safe, integrated work environment.

Microsoft was preparing to disclose its application to the principles of sexual harassment and discrimination, and the main request was the disclosure of a major investigation. However, at the end of last year, Microsoft shareholders pressured the company to compile an annual report on its handling of corporate harassment cases.

The review will be conducted by law firm Arent Fox and will look into cases of discrimination and harassment from within. Microsoft email list back in 2019. In over 90 email pages, female employees reported being harassed and denied promotions and higher pay, among other things. They also complained that the company’s managers and HR department did not act very often. Microsoft was also indicted in 238 cases of discrimination or sexual harassment in 2018.

Although the agency is reviewing previous research against Gates, it will not be investigating what happened in 2000. Gates resigned from Microsoft’s board in early March 2020. he says before the investigation is complete.

Satya Nadella, chief executive of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, said in a statement: “We are not committed to reviewing this report, but to learning from this research to continue to improve the skills of our staff.” get well.”

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