Meta’s video speed-dating service is shutting down January 20th

The New Product Experimentation (NPE) team often tends to quit programs that they don’t get attracted to, and have experimented in the last nine months and followed a more expensive block. The company told Sparked users that the attempt was closed on January 20.

“We started building Sparked in late 2020 to help people find love through personal experiences. in email, which. received. “Like most good ideas, some get up and some, like Sparked, have to end.”

Users will be able to download their data before January 20. After that date, Meta will delete their Sparked accounts.

Sparked was a combination of, video chat and other dating software introduced over the last few years with a speed dating event. Over a period of time, users in a particular area or group of people will take part in a dating event (there were also a number of international events). They can have up to four minutes to chat with the person they can meet, and if they both want to have more time, they can set up a second day, 10 minutes and / or more exchanges.

Although users need a Facebook account to use Sparked, the function was different from Facebook and. It had no public profiles, messages or similarities, such as moving on Tinder.

Meta originally described Sparked as a small beta test to learn about video dating, which is why he probably would not want the project to become popular. Both Sparked and Facebook Dating added audience chats last year.

Sparked joins a long list of NPE projects that Meta has closed, including a Pinterest-style program for gamers, TikTok clone and a selfie app. A few NPE apps remain on the App Store in the US: TikTok-esque app for rappers called, a family app called music video app. Meta said this week that Collab is also on March 12th.

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