Hyundai built an air purifier out of recycled Ioniq 5 EV parts

Each vehicle is the result of a long-term development by which car manufacturers make many pre-designed cars that do not see the light of day. Instead of losing one of its Ioniq 5 test vehicles, Hyundai redesigned the car’s components to produce air purifiers.

According to a YouTube video description, the model “went through many trials to ensure our safety.” The video shows that, over the course of a year, the car was used to test the tastes of the Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System, noise control and wind noise.

The video shows Hyundai engineers stripping the Ioniq 5 from its bones, and then making something very different from the components. Among other things, they use a cooling fan, door panels, LED tail lamp, infotainment component and, of course, filters. Experts place a 20-inch alloy wheel on top of it (so the cleaner is probably the largest), while the car logo adds a technical touch.

Although most automotive components can be recharged, including batteries, this is a hygienic test. It shows that there are other established ways to sell a car that has continued to be profitable. Meanwhile, Hyundai began shipping Ioniq 5 to the US this month.

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