Google TV Reportedly Gaining Smart Home and Fitness Features

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Your Google TV device may soon be a smart place at home with Fitness + competition.
Picture: Google

It’s no secret that Google has been fighting for space in your chat room for years. Google TV has changed many times since its inception in 2010, but it still manages to stay the same. one of the most advanced platforms. And it does not stop there: Google has more of a twist than just releasing your favorite TV shows and commenting on what you can see.

In conversation with Policy, Rob Caruso of Google TV, ddirector pway management, indicated that the company is looking forward to making Google TV tools like Chromecasts very capable this year, since it is a wise house and a combination of physical activity. This could make Google TV look like Apple – the company’s latest Apple TV box is more valuable than its competitors, but it works as a home for HomeKit. equipment also integrates with Apple Watch for Fitness + fitness classes.

We are already knew that Android TV would not be left in the rebrand on Google TV, and Caruso confirmed that Google will continue to support the platform, which is still in power many promotional tools that are still in use.

“Android TV is still alive and well, and it is obviously still supported,” Caruso told Protocol.

That is good news for the owners advanced devices, even Android — which Google TV remains stable — are not well known for its software updates.

Google also wants to work with providers to create its own global TV to explore your one-stop shop so you can move. It’s a very old method, taken from a corporate gamebook. But in order to achieve his goals, more people are needed to join the movement. Netflix, for example, is one of the largest networks that will not allow you to add movies and videos to TV list. As a Google TV user, I rely on this section to save my favorites, and it gives me access to information when it becomes available.

“I hope to see a welcome change in the coming months not only for Netflix, but also for more friends,” said Caruso, who visited Google last August after joining Netflix.

With Google money in Fitbit, it’s no surprise to see Google looking at fitness integration Google TV. Caruso sold Protocol and “major research centers.” It would be interesting to see if Google supports Fitbit’s required fitness classes (available in the Fitbit app with pre-registration), or we are launching a new Peloton or Fitness + competition.

The smart home can be the last big part of Google TV imagery. Sounds with Stories, a wise housekeep that promises to unite everyone, in the horizon. Google is seeing better integration with smart devices, including Android phones. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post Fast Pair mode Google announced last week, which helps Android smartphones to connect tools on the network-like smart sites. It is different from Samsung’s approach revealed and its SmartThings platform.

Google TV user the numbers have been increasing – the platform is currently 110 million monthly operating equipment, and hardware friends like TCL say they are selling 10 million Google TV launches year round.

The question remains as to whether Google can offer to use its tools beyond TV. Or it may seem that all that is needed for the users to be able to look and be the best search engine for bed potatoes. Meanwhile, tPano ‘There is no time for Google to launch the new Google TV, though Caruso added “sometime later this year.”

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