First Waterproof iPhone With Working USB-C Port Up for Auction

Three months ago, engineering student Ken Pillonel did well modified back and cut the iPhone X and a USB-C port is working: a useful thing Apple would refuse to offer. Encouraged by Pillonel’s wisdom, Gernot Jobstl added their creation with another iPhone X with USB-C port, but with to do well it’s also completely dehydrated — and yes, you’ll be able to buy it soon.

If there is any doubt about the need for an iPhone with a USB-C connection to the dock instead of Apple’s long-in-to-to-tooth Lightning connection, Pillonel ended up selling their elevated iPhone X. through marketing whose success was extraordinary $ 86,001. Keep in mind that it is a device that is not only used, but also due to warranty due to hardware upgrades. If the iPhone 14 had finally reached the USB-C port, Apple users would have upgraded.

Using Pillonel’s work and content on their GitHub page as a starting point, Jöbstl’s customized iPhone X also includes a number of upgrades. Encouragement the stability of the additional USB-C port made it a stable support, slightlyy is made of carbon fiber, which helps to ensure that the connection is not loose when you use it repeatedly.

Most importantly, one of the best features of modern phones is their ability to drop a drop in the water or accidentally jump into the toilet. It is a form that is often confused after modification, but through Unusual use of high-quality glue that hides inside, Jöbstl’s USB-C iPhone X still saves water.

In an effort to raise additional funding, Jöbstl is planning to sell their iPhone X from 12pm EST (17:00 UTC) on January 19, the URL was shared in Description of their YouTube video. Will it eventually sell for more than $ 86,000? Assuming Apple does not disclose USB-C devices iPhone 14 in the next five days, you will need deep pockets to succeed in this sale.

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