Chevron Is Hiring Journalists For Its ‘Newsroom’

Picture of Chevron story writing for journalists in 'His House'

Picture: Richard Drew (AP)

Invite all seasonal presses: Your dream job is pending, courtesy of Chevron. The oil giant wants to hire people with media experience to create a “newsroom” – a word around the words that are included and sent – to help spread the word. attractions the good news of Chevron.

The new job was was first reported by E&E on Friday. In a shocking turn of events to be chosen as its Pulitzer Prize, E&E first heard about the new business when one of its correspondents was approached by Cella, a Chevron employment agency. The employer told the employee that the job was “a great opportunity to get involved in the Chevron [its] childhood. ” When an E&E reporter asked what topics the title could be written and whether climate change could be included, the employer said it would affect “all Chevron features.”

First work schedule, titled “Business Writer, Oil & Energy,” posted on LinkedIn by Cella and does not name Chevron. (Other notes from Cella to a editor-in-chief and a production director cite “oil and energy customers.”) Braden Reddall, a spokesman for Chevron, confirmed to Earther in an email that the notes were for the gig on the oil and gas giant.

“Our goal is to quickly spread the word about Chevron through digital media,” Reddall wrote. “Like other companies, we strive to improve the way we design and deliver content to readers, both internally and externally. As we have described in the job market, these are topics that can be applied to all digital environments:, newsletters, social media, paid search , and an internal media page. “

Making house connections and pay-per-clicks as a corporate approach on board. But it is worth noting that Chevron has a long history of paying to create “stories” of praise for the company. In particular, Chevron pays for a “newspaper” in Richmond, California, where a Chevron cleaning machines prevent contamination in many Black and Latinx areas for many years. The Richmond Standard—A self-proclaimed Chevron-based company, with the goal of “giving a voice to Chevron Products Company on development issues” —was launched by the refining machine in 2012 (third).

This site publishes articles that do not support Chevron, but have also published articles opposition oil opponents. The Guardian in 2014 form on the editorial page begins with an incredible lede that has been dubbed “the corporate whore, the big oil propagandist, the apologist for the pollution, Voldemort and so on,” which seems to be a major addition to the job description for the new position. (Reddall did not answer Earther’s questions as to whether the new positions were related to the Richmond effort.)

Over and over again, the oil and gas companies introduced the whole idea of ​​hiring people to create hidden paid items as stories to boost their business. Exxon started in the 1970s, when the company published all the pages in the New York Times and hid a pro-Exxon advertising copy to make it look like a print on paper. Today, the oil industry has urged Instagram followers disseminate their messages in worm-infested areas hidden attractions as a story in other important political letters. Hiring the “press” to become part of the inner “newsroom”, as the work suggests, seems like the next step.

It is also known that the site was classified as a PR company very angry works with Big Oil. Some corporations have tried to isolate themselves from all corporations, while the giant PR Edelman has been widely criticized for keeping corrupt people as customers. follow the comments. Research has shown that the oil and gas industry and PR machine services are very high following bad media and politics. Considering the bad year great oil that Chevron had in 2021, this effort is seen as an opportunity to restructure and try to portray the company as a stressful, highly business-intensive one.

And to be honest, I’m a salesman. Consider this post and my resignation from Earther *; Great Oil, I’m ready to share your stories. No, not about you refusal to pay the judgment for tribes in the Amazon or made a demon out of a lawyer who beat him. And certainly not all issues homosexuals you donate money to Congress or that more fat which continues to happen. And there is nothing to try to use protests against police brutality like a wedge problem continue pumping oil. No, we do find some interesting stories that I am sure are hiding somewhere.

* For legal reasons, this is a joke; Earther, I still love you.

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