After Log4j, Open-Source Software Now a National Security Issue

Image of After Log4j, Open-Source Software Now is a Global Security Issue

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For years, developers of free, open source software they have been saying anyone who would listen to their work need financial support and close supervision. Now, after a number of code-source threats, the federal and Silicon Valley governments can listen.

A meeting at the White House on Thursday saw officials from major technology companies meet with government officials to discuss the need for better security in the open. The list of attendees included big names like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, and Apple, among others.

Open programs It is different from proprietary software because it is free, public, and can be used or modified by anyone. Because of the open nature of open arms, large companies often use them for development purposes. But unfortunately, open projects need to be managed financially to be safe – and they don’t always get it. For years, open source creators have been complaining that their programs need better support from Big Tech and other theater organizations – a story that is ultimately gaining a lot of interest.

It is not hard to see why the White House has called for a meeting now. In a month or so, bad virus was found in the popular Apache logging log4j library. A complex program, which is used by almost everyone, created chaos in all the professional companies, as companies were forced to repair machines and equipment that relied on the library to succeed. (THEApache Software Foundation officials were also present at Thursday’s meeting.)

Log4j is not the only open source problem that is happening recently. Last week, the maker of two widely used weapons decided to do so anonymously turn it off through a number of amazing software updates. Marak Squires, the man behind the famous JavaScript libraries Faker and Types, disrupted these programs dramatically and was able to download thousands of other projects that relied on success.

In a nutshell: There is an opportunity for us to do well and, fortunately, those who attended the recent White House meeting it seems acceptable to it. At the meeting, White House security adviser Jake Sullivan apparently called the open source program “an important national security issue.” Similarly, Google’s President for Global Affairs is the Chief Legal Officer Kent Walker he sealed the words on the corporate blog Thursday protested that they want to see better support for open groups.

“For a long time, the programming team comforted itself with the thought of openingstartup programs are secure because of the visibility and the ‘many eyes’ he was looking to identify and solve problems, “Walker said.

In his remarks, Walker also highlights the increase in social and confidential support on open projects, the establishment of security and testing initiatives, as well as the establishment of a rubric to identify “difficult” projects – a widely used form (ie, perhaps something like log4j).

What the government and other Big Tech members are concerned about open security is unclear here, coma that talking about it seems like a good sign.

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